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Since 1991, Our Team Has Succeeded In Understanding The Needs Of The Industry And Creating Reliable Products To Serve Them All.

FORMWORKS & SLIPFORM SOLUTIONS PVT LTD has been Operating as a Company based in Navi Mumbai, India since 1991, (the founding company name Vijaya Engineering) working as a Contractor or Subcontractor for Construction Technology called “SLIP-FORM” or Sliding-Formwork.

We have been innovating and improving the technology for all these years and have refined the equipment and the process methodology for a better construction of various structures on a cases-by-case basis.

We provide many types of services such as the sale or renting SLIP-FORM equipment which also includes SLIP-FORM operation control service to our customers. We also specialize in any type of specialized custom job that you may require.

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Quality Comes First! We Make Sure That Every Minute Detail Is Looked Into While Manufacturing Even The Smallest Product. Our Focus Is 100% On Client Needs And Satisfaction.

We Are The Creators You Can Trust On For A Perfect Solution To All Your Needs.

With over 39 years of Experience in SLIP-FORM SYSTEM as Contractors and Sub-Contractors in India and many countries abroad, we have been considered the Number One Choice for SLIP-FORM SYSTEMS and are extremely Reliable when it comes to getting the job done perfectly and swiftly.

This has lead us to achieve our top position in the special area of SLIP-FORM SYSTEMS and SLIP-FORM SYSTEM OPERATIONS in various types of construction projects and the like. The Client can rest assured, we always deliver the highest quality to our customers with respect to Performance and Service. We can proudly say that we are Number One in the Indian and African Market.

With our vast experiences and High-Quality Performance, our Company accepts both Domestic and International works. Some of the examples in which we specialize in are Silos, Chimneys/Smokestacks for Large Industrial factories, Box lifts, Channels of the Stairwell for Office Buildings, Building complexes, Condominiums, Bridge Piers(Both Hollow and Solid profiles), Surge Shafts and many Other Specialized Complex Projects or requests.

Our Vast Experience gives us the highest level of confidence in our Work which allows us to possess this High efficiency and Expertise for SLIP-FORM Systems and can build a required Construction Design under an appropriated budget within a Time-Saving schedule as well.

We also supply Slipform equipment. If required, we do train our buyers. We do work also as sub-contractors, with materials also and as labour contractors of Slipform operations with our own equipment or the EPC Company’s equipment for RCC Surge Shafts, RCC Pressure shafts in Hydro Electric Power Projects, RCC Chimneys, RCC Silos, Lift shafts, Wind Power generator tower and Tall Bridge Piers etc.

We do erection, operation and De- shuttering of the slipform structures. We are pleased to inform you that we are the First company in India who has an In-house Design facility.

We have supplied slipform equipment in India and abroad.

We have completed the Slipform operated constructions of more than 170 RCC Structures in India, Nepal and Africa as a Contractor of Slipform works without a single accident.

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Products & Services provided by us:

• Accessories of all Slipform equipment.

• Consultancy in Slipform Constructions.

• Consultancy of Slipform concrete quality, quantity, speed in Sliding operations.

• Training

• Central hoists

• Conceptual designs

• Design of All types of Slipform Equipment.

• Electrically operated Hydraulic Pumps.

• Emergency Hydraulic pumps operated on Petrol/Diesel engines.

• Estimation of Slipform equipment cost, Operation cost & Maintenance cost.

• Form-works special designs for the operation of Slipforms. Conventional to Slipform matching.

• Gantry Slipform equipment.

• The heavy lifting of equipment to be erected on top of RCC Structure Slipformed.

• Lifting of heavy formworks for top slabs for different kinds of RCC Structures.

• Lift Shafts of buildings commercial and residential slipform construction with slipforms.

• Manufacturing.

• Multipurpose Slipform Equipment Supplies.

• New Designs for Slipform Equipment supply, manufacture, erect and operate and train.

• Operation of Slipform Equipment.

• Protocols decision for Slipform Operation.

• Quality Control in Slipforms training etc.

• Rectification in slipform operations.
• Sale of all types of slipform related equipment.

• Custom-made Slipform construction equipment.

• Tools for special Slipform manufacturing, supply and training.

• Training of Slipform Engineers to Technicians.

• Troubleshooting

• Undertaking & completion till the FULL height of in-between leftover slipform construction jobs.

Founder, Proprietors of Vijaya Engineering & Company, Sai Vijaya Engineering Pvt Ltd., Slipform Engineering Company, Slipform Solutions, The Slipform companies. Founder, the undersigned is having an experience of 39 years in the field of Slipform engineering and Slipform Construction Associated with all types of works.

Parthasarathy Bommidi

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